Monday, May 11, 2009

pin ups

Local election fever has kicked in on the streets and the villages of Galway, even if the only feverish people are the candidates i was driving through Oranmore yesterday on a family drive (remember those?) when among the thousands of posters we passed, I noticed a one picturing a young blonde with rather scary lipstick. Underneath her name, slogan, and sundry other information in a font so small that i practically had to park the car and stand onm the roof in order to make it out was the party name, Fianna Fail(The senior party in the current government). It was the first Fianna Fail poster I had seen so far. On another poster in the city centre I spotted a nicely suited, earnest looking gentleman whose face rang a bell. Then I remebered that I had had previous dealings with him many moons ago , in the early eighties when he did a passable line in Moroccan black. Only in Ireland!!


Govstooge said...

I've noticed that small Fianna Fail logo. Cowardly shites! And when they come to your door you nearly have to turn them upside down to see what party they're from!

galwaywegian said...

Turning them upside down sounds like a great idea! thanks for that!

Mary said...

I just used to offer them a nice glass of cryptosporidium water!