Tuesday, June 24, 2008

your lifejacket is under your seat!

Things are going from worse to worser around here. Lady wife and daughters sank into the pitch at Pearse Stadium over the weekend while bopping to Shane Ward and Wetlife between thunderstorms. I was nearly killed while driving to collect them, when I was overtaken by two elephants, two giraffes, two wildebeeste etc. Then we're officially told that the recession is cranking up nicely. I had a conversation with a Donegal fisherman which made me feel very angry. He was well past the anger stage. Then I hear that a work colleague (on secondment from school)gets an E mail informing him that the ninth annual contract he's been awaiting from the dept of Education will not be forthcoming. He had regional responsibility for a particular aspect of education in all schools in the county of Galway (some 300 or so). He will be replaced by a national call centre.
On what is maybe a lighter note (or maybe not)last night the Galway City Council in their wisdom (?!) elected the person most hated by city council officials since the dawn of time to be Mayor of Galway.
I purchased a lifejacket and inflatable kayak from Lidl a couple of weeks ago. Inspirational!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Better news

Read today about a study where 40% of gambling addicts were able to refrain from gambling for a month when on a course of some new drug.
Probably worth a shot at those odds.